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CRITICAL Update for Internet Explorer and Office

December 24, 2008

Microsoft has issued a critical patch for all versions Internet Explorer. Without this patch your computer could be compromised just by visiting a website.

Should your PC become compromised, other users can install software without your knowledge or permission. This software could slow down your PC, generate spam, ads, and gather passwords, financial information (credit card numbers, etc.) or more.

For more information on this exploit please visit the following site:

Call us at (573) 442-9855 to schedule a time for us to come out and install this patch on your computer or network.

IE Patch

To read Microsoft’s security bulletin and/or obtain IE Explorer’s security patch on your own, please visit:

Delta Adds Centerfold to Columbia Business Times Online

December 16, 2008

As the print edition of Columbia Business Times (CBT) evolves, Delta ensures that the digital version keeps pace. In many CBT issues, a spread at the center of the issue provides a wide space for such things as photos, time-lines, ariel views, maps and a more dynamic layout.

In recent issues, the center spread has included an overview of Columbia’s Natural Resources Inventory with side-by-side heatmaps showing geographical features; it has been used to display a city-wide map of Columbia’s expansion, a time line and map of the future developments, and a photo time line of the City Hall renovation. It provides a more flexible and visually rich media for a variety of subject matter.

When the center spread article is converted to a digital text version to fit the website layout, the special layout is lost.

In order to preserve the layout of the center spread while still offering the consistency and readability of the text version, Delta updated the CBT issue to include a 2-page wide, seamless PDF of the spread featured prominently right along with the cover story and featured articles. Each issue homepage now showcases the center spread article and links to the PDF for the user; graphical concistency with the print edition, and readability of the digital edition are both available.

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