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Delta’s Online Portfolio Gets a Facelift

January 30, 2011

View Delta Systems' Website Design Portfolio

View Delta Systems' Website Design Portfolio

Delta Systems is pleased to launch a new look for their online portfolio.

The portfolio showcases Delta’s web design talents.

Check it out at

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Delta Systems is a full-service computer consulting company with a suite of web development, web design, and computer network support talent.

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We also have experts in Microsoft Access Development, EXE development, product commercialization, training on all major software, and more.

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You’ll hear people say, “Just call Delta” so much that we made it our website – Gets a Facelift Just in Time for Launch of v2.0 Beta

January 11, 2011

The New site prominently displays software system features and visuals

Bluecherry was looking for developers to help with building v2.0 of their impressive DVR based video security system when Delta Systems tripped across their job opening at  After an initial query asking if they needed any development help in the interim, before they found the right full-time employee, the discussion quickly gravitated to the need for a new website design and functionality improvements. has an OS Detection Feature To Save Users a Step During Download

Need some temp help programming? Nope, but we need website improvements

Sure, Curtis Hall, Bluecherry’s owner, and his guys could have made the updates to the site themselves. However, they felt it was time for a more consistent and professional look to the myriad of sections they have on their website. They were, after all, looking for more developers – so no one had time to update the website.

Delta Systems designed, cut, and implemented a WordPress template. They then turned to improving the eCommerce and SEO components of the site.

The cherry on top (sic) was the operating system detection feature that automagically figures out what operating system you are on and selects it from the list of platforms on which the software is designed to run.

About Bluecherry

Bluecherry  began 2004 with a goal of providing high quality Linux supported video capture cards.Bluecherry’s original product line was focused on software compression cards using the generic ‘bttv’ Linux kernel module.  In 2010 Bluecherry released its free (GPL) driver for its line of MPEG-4 (hardware compression) line of audio video capture cards.

Bluecherry also develops a commercial surveillance application under the name ‘Bluecherry’.  This software is an Ubuntu based application that records audio and video and includes many features you would typically only find in commercialized Windows applications.  Bluecherry is actively working on version 2 of its software which will support several major new features such as a cross platform client interface, network (IP) camera support, and improved optimization for the server backend.

Read more when you visit them online at

Delta Enters Strategic Alliance with Fremont Development Group, Upgrades Clients to EasyTRC

January 3, 2011

Click to learn more about EasyTRC at

Delta Systems and Fremont Development Group are very pleased to announce the formation of a strategic alliance.   The alliance will allow Fremont to upgrade all their existing customers to use the EasyTRC system.  Delta and Fremont also intend to co-market EasyTRC to every organization that has ever used Fremont to implement a Total Resource Campaign.

Fremont has been a pioneer in defining the TRC  structures necessary to ensure successful fund raising campaigns. They continue to champion the Total Resource Campaign concept. They have been the industry leader in educating chambers of commerce and other organizations about the benefits of using a Total Resource Campaign to increase sales, raise awareness, and expand member involvement in Chambers of Commerce throughout the United States.  This alliance will bring out the strengths of both companies – on-site, expert consulting and a powerful, web-based contract management and communication system (EasyTRC).

Read more about EasyTRC.

About Fremont Development Group

Since 1994, Fremont Development Group has used its proven methodologies and innovative strategies to help raise funds, increase charitable giving, and clarify vision for Chambers of Commerce, non-profits, and economic development organizations.

We help non-profits accomplish their mission by generating the revenue needed to become self-sustaining organizations.  Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Fremont Development Group serves clients across the United States.

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Missouri Grand Prix Website Ready for Spectators and Competitors to Dive In

January 1, 2011

Missouri Grand Prix Swimming Competition Website

Missouri Grand Prix Swimming Competition Website

The 2011 Missouri Grand Prix is the fifth annual swim competition held in the Aquatic Center at the University of Missouri. World-renowned athletes like Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, and Natalie Coughlin will be coming from all over the US to compete. With that in mind, the Missouri Grand Prix came to us for a website befitting this Olympic precursory event.

Will we see some world records broken during this premier swimming event?  It’s happened before.

Book your tickets online now to attend the Missouri Grand Prix

Then come back and get all the spectator info you need to have a great day at the races!

Need help planning your trip to watch the competition?

Check the site for useful travel and accommodation information, as well as local maps highlighting parking and other amenities.

Site features include

  • rotating header image
  • profile gallery of registered competitors
  • photo gallery containing previous event highlights

Once the Missouri Grand Prix gets underway, the site will become an information hub for the media and a social media hub for fans to track their favorite athletes as they compete.

Built on WordPress

Using the WordPress Content Management System, we were able to give the customer the full control and flexibility they needed to instantly update their content as new information came in. We customized the system to allow them to enter event information, news updates, athlete bios, photos and competition results on the fly. We even gave them the ability to create and customize their own web-forms to collect information from their numerous volunteers.

Delta Systems is a full-service computer consulting company with a suite of in-house development, design, and computer network support talent.
Building online applications and data management systems that are intuitive yet powerful is our specialty.

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