Delta Systems is an award-winning computer consulting company with a suite of in-house web application development, web design, and computer network support talent. Building online applications and data management systems that are intuitive and powerful is our specialty. Since 1986, Delta has provided services to thousands of individuals and over 900 companies.

Our group of talented individuals are highly experienced in

  • Web application programming in PHP
  • eCommerce Development and Support (Experience with Interchange, Magento, osCommerce, Storefront, WooCommerce, and custom solutions)
  • World-Class WordPress customization, implementation, template creation, plug-in development, and managed WordPress hosting
  • Website design and Internet application development
  • PHP, Zend Framework, and WordPress development
  • Website hosting and management (Under our TriPoint Hosting brand) [Ask about our high traffic management skills]
  • Computer network design, network upgrades, network support for 2 to 200 computers
  • IT support services (for companies in the Mid-Missouri area)
  • Tech Startup consulting. We’ve built the systems for several startups and provided business guidance as well

We use our expertise to build systems  that will enhance any business.

We help businesses sell things online

Things like soccer balls, bullets, mixed martial arts equipment, wedding shoes, baking soda, event tickets, cuff links, machetes, little league baseball registrations, pizzas, security camera systems, dog DNA tests, laser cutters, chocolate chip cookies, vibrators, title insurance policies, hams, laundry detergent, t-shirts, advertisement design services, gym memberships, event sponsorships, goat milking equipment, bachelor gifts, lawn care services, yoga association memberships, heavy machinery, water, graduation robes and invitations, ear cleaning devices, cell tower climbing equipment, and film festival passes.

Our History


Company founded by Ms. Debin Benish. Debin worked from home providing training and consulting nationwide. Debin provided training for people moving from typewriters to computers. Training specialized in Microsoft Office and Word Perfect.

Delta Systems joins the Columbia MO Chamber of Commerce.


Opened an office in downtown Columbia so that we could have a classroom to respond to the growing needs of mid-Missouri businesses.

Services expand to include PC and network support.


Delta Systems Group of Columbia logo from 1990 to 2001

Delta Systems Group of Columbia logo from 1990 to 2001

Offices are moved to southeast Columbia, near Grindstone Park. This allowed us to add a second classroom and provide additional parking.

Staff consists of mainly trainers and grows to about 12 people


Columbia MO Chamber of Commerce names Delta Systems the Small Business of the Year. Columbia MO Chamber of Commerce names Delta Systems the Small Business of the Year


Delta Systems celebrates 10 years in business.

70% of business is training.

Dozens of classes are held every week.

30% is now Access database development and network support.


Delta helps The American Red Cross and the University of Missouri-Columbia to capture the Guinness Book world record for the largest number of whole blood units collected in a single day at a single location – 3,155 productive units.


Delta Systems Group's Logo as of 2010

Delta Systems Logo from 2002 to 2010

Our PC and Network Support Department doubles in size.

A new logo is born.


Company moves to 200 Corporate Lake Drive, Columbia, MO Training dwindles to 5% of business while Access database and online system development grows to 45%.

Network and workstation support is now 50% of the business.


Delta Developers Receive Missouri IT Recognition Award from the State of Missouri for helping to develop a multi-agency data dictionary for online application development that will carry Missouri into the future and facilitate the sharing of information across state agencies.


Steve Powell buys Delta Systems from Debin Benish.

Columbia MO Chamber of Commerce names Delta a Small Business of the Year Finalist Columbia MO Chamber of Commerce names Delta Systems the Small Business of the Year Finalist

Delta begins the Debin Benish Outstanding Businesswoman Award by awarding it to Lili Vianello. Lili is so busy volunteering at the Miss Missouri Pageant that she cannot attend the ceremony.


Service offerings expand to include custom software development, web development, Windows network design, installation, and support; training on several dozen software systems for workstations and servers, and general consulting on how to stay in control of your technology investments.

Lynda Baumgartner is presented with the 2006 Debin Benish Outstanding Businesswoman Award


Offices expanded to accommodate growing staff.

Business is now 75% development and 25% network support services.

Melody Parry is presented with the 2007 Debin Benish Outstanding Businesswoman Award.


Opened a branch office in Boulder, CO. Best of Columbia: Web Design

Development and creative partnerships now established with 14 companies in 6 states: TX, GA, CO, OH, MI, MO.

Delta Systems Group acquires Perryman Technology, a provider of PC and network support services in Mid-Missouri.

The USLBA selects Delta for the 2008 Best of Columbia Award in the Web Site Design category.

Kim Trabue is presented with the 2008 Debin Benish Outstanding Businesswoman Award.


Staff consists mainly of website and application developers and grows to 14.

2009 Best of Columbia Award in the Freelance Computer Software Writers

2009 Best of Columbia Award in the Freelance Computer Software Writers

Delta now hosts and/or controls hundreds of websites in top-tier data centers across the country.

Delta Systems quietly begins it’s first “Software as a Service” offering.

Delta Systems is honored to be asked to sit on the University of Missouri Computer Science Industry Advisory Council.

Delta Systems Group Acquires MethTrack, LLC.

Rose Ditter named the 2009 Debin Benish Outstanding Businesswoman Award winner.

Delta Systems is selected by the US Commerce Association for the 2009 Best of Columbia Award in the Freelance Computer Software Writers category.


Opened a branch office in Little Rock, AR.

Delta expands network support to now include managed services. This allows our support team to be proactive instead of reactive to issues by providing holistic monitoring of networks and workstations.

EasyTRC Delta Systems releases version 2.5 of EasyTRC – a “Software as a Service” offering. EasyTRC is a Total Resource Campaign total contract manager that allows any not-for-profit or Chamber of Commerce to handle the flood of contracts that go with memberships as well as non-dues revenue event and publication sponsorships.

Delta Systems Group's Logo as of 2010

Delta Systems Group’s logo as of 2010

New website and logo go live. Goodbye Impact font! (oh, we won an award for it as well)

Karen Miller named the 2010 Debin Benish Outstanding Businesswoman Award winner.

Delta Systems Group completes acquisition of Educara Software Corporation clients.


Delta Systems wins several local ADDY Awards – including Best of Interactive 2011!

Delta then wins the ONLY ADDY award national finalist for 2011 out of all the entries from Columbia, MO.

Delta Systems is honored to be asked to be a panelist at the Mid-MO IT Workforce Summit to discuss ways in which middle schools, trade schools, and universities can prepare graduates to meet the changing needs of Central Missouri’s IT employers.

Arm & Hammer becomes a client. We redesigned their shopping cart on GreatCleaners.com and helped them increase eCommerce sales by 34% in only 3 months. Really really.

Revenue Growth has a proven track record of dramatic TRC sales success

A strategic partnership is formed with Fremont Development. Fremont was so blown away by EasyTRC that they stopped development and discontinued their solution. Shortly thereafter, Delta Systems acquires all Fremont Total Resource Campaign clients and upgrades them to use EasyTRC.

Revenue Growth chooses EasyTRC as their exclusive technology of choice in helping their clients achieve Total Resource Campaign sales goals.

Michelle Spry named the 2011 Debin Benish Outstanding Businesswoman Award winner.

Staff expands into Chicago and Michigan. We’re now in 4 States.

Delta Systems Group completes acquisition of all clients of Express Academic Services.


Delta was chosen to implement and host the J-School’s new website

Launched a new website for the Missouri School of Journalism, the oldest formal journalism school in the world. The site is powered by WordPress and was designed by our friends at VML.  We also host the site in one of our clouds. Read more about what we did.

EasyTRC adds 15th Chamber of Commerce customer

We’re commercializing several plugins for Magento, an eCommerce platform

No Mid-MO ADDY Awards this year, so we’ve decided to retain our title as Best of Interactive of the entire Mid-Missouri area. We think our portfolio can support that claim.

Added 4 more subcontractors to help with all the WordPress work we’re doing for our partners.

We built a custom post type generator for WordPress that allows us to harness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station content management system.  We’re now able to even more effectively use WordPress like a content management system instead of a simple blogging tool.

Delta sponsors and Steve Powell judged the 2012 Columbia Startup Weekend.

Anne Williams named the recipient of the 2012 Debin Benish Outstanding Businesswoman Award

Staff now in MO, IL, AR, MI, and OR.


2013 Small Business of the Year FinalistColumbia MO Chamber of Commerce names Delta Systems a Small Business of the Year Finalist! Read all about it.

Learn more about TimeKit at http://TimeKitJS.com

Learn more about TimeKit at http://TimeKitJS.com

Delta doubles their office space in South Columbia, MO

Mary Ropp named the recipient of the 2013 Debin Benish Outstanding Businesswoman Award

Delta figured out how to marry the power of Zend Framework with the interface of WordPress. This will allow for unprecedented usability and direct integration with WordPress without disrupting core tables or the upgradeability of WordPress. We call it Dewdrop, and we open sourced it.  View Dewdrop on GitHub.

Several Delta developers invented TimeKitJS during Columbia Startup Weekend winning an honorable mention in the process.

Then 2 months later. . . TimeKit WON the CLIMB (http://www.climbmizzou.org/) Seed Grant Pitch Competition! We had to beat 12 other great presentations and impress 5 judges. Jeff Daniel did a great job presenting.

Delta Systems was nominated for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s DREAM BIG Small Business of the Year Award by the Columbia Chamber of Commerce

Mary Ropp is named the recipient of the 2013 Debin Benish Outstanding Businesswoman Award


Delta Systems' US Chamber of Commerce 2014 Small Business of the Year Blue Ribbon Award

Delta is named a 2014 DREAM BIG Blue Ribbon Small Business of the Year by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce! Learn more about this prestigious award.

true-false-film-fest-subway-map-sampleDelta is once again a SUPER sponsor to the True/False Film Fest . . right alongside American Airlines, HBO, those OSCARS people, and Vimeo.  So, we fed the addiction of the True/False Film Fest fanatics by creating a way to visualize their T/F film schedule as a fun subway map that also lets you see which films your friends are also attending.

Behold. . . http://truefalse.org/group/

Delta Systems won 7 Addy Awards

Delta won SEVEN American Advertising Awards. Not bad for a group that isn’t a marketing agency.

Delta acquired controlling interest in and joined forces with Voltage Creative in Aug 2014

In March, Delta Systems Group spun out Delta Commerce – a division to handle online retail businesses we’ve built or acquired. We now sell machetes online. Yes, really. We no longer just build great eCommerce systems for clients, we use and own them now too. This helps us understand our customers better and helps us make money while we sleep.

In June, TimeKitJS was awarded $102,000 as part of a 2014 Donald W. Reynolds Residential Fellowship

In August, we acquired and joined forces with Voltage Creative in Kansas City, MO.  Delta still isn’t a marketing agency, but we now have a division that is.  Voltage manages channel marketing, Adword campaigns, SEO, and SEM for our combined customer base.

In September, a team at Columbia’s Startup Weekend built EquipmentShare.com using Dewdrop: a tool that provides a sensible project layout and development tool inside WordPress.  Using Delta’s Dewdrop, the team had a fully working system and was able to record its first sale before the weekend was over. Having won the weekend competition, the team went on to be accepted into Y-Combinator (W15) and was then fully funded.

Susan Hart Named 2014 Debin Benish Outstanding Businesswoman of the Year


What’s a glowforge? Watch this

In August, Delta moved next door into our brand new space at 204 Corporate Lake Drive. Come by for a tour!

In October, Delta built and hosted the system that powered Glowforge to the biggest 30-day crowdfunding campaign in history with $27.9M in sales!

Delta names Nancy Fay the 2015 Debin Benish Outstanding Businesswoman of the Year

The Voltage channel marketing team took home a 2015 Gold KCDMA AMBIT Award in search engine marketing

web-award-2015We won a 2015 WebAward For Outstanding Achievement in Web Development for our work on http://DiscoverTheDistrict.com

Newsy’s Check 2016 (powered by TimeKitJS) is named a 2015 Online Journalism Awards finalist

w3winner_silverw3winner_silverWe were excited to announce that two of our clients received W3 Silver Awards for our website designs! Congratulations to The District and Flat Branch Pub & Brewing!


Newsy’s Check 2016 (powered by TimeKitJS) is nominated for a Digiday award.

Delta names Nancy Allison the 2016 Debin Benish Outstanding Businesswoman Award winner!

Delta celebrated 30 years in business with a ribbon cutting and big party! We even got matching T-Shirts. It was exciting. 🙂



Delta opens an office in Chicago, IL.

We launched our first microsite! https://www.DeltaBuildsMidMO.com to focus on clients we’ve helped in Mid-Missouri.

In partnership with a few others, Delta launched ProntoSpot out of stealth mode and continues to add features as we gear up for a big conference/announcement in the fall

We launched our second microsite! https://www.DeltaBuildseCommerce.com to highlight and focus on our eCommerce work

Delta was awarded a Master Service Agreement from Mizzou for web development. We’re now one of only a few companies on the approved vendor list for this major university.

Also, we launched our third microsite! https://www.DeltaBuildsMU.com to show what we’ve done to help the University of Missouri. There are more than you think….. School of Health Professionals, College of Education, Missouri School of Journalism, College of Business, as well as extensions like FAPRI, IRE, and more.


We released version 3.3 of EasyTRC

We finally, officially changed our slogan to “All Things Web”

Delta names [TBD] the 2017 Debin Benish Outstanding Businesswoman Award winner!  We’ve picked her, she just doesn’t know yet. 🙂

In 2017, Delta expects to . . .
1) open source TimeKit
2) Launch a 4th and 5th microsite
3) launch yet another startup that is currently in stealth mode
4) put up a new mothership website, cuz this one is tired. so tired…and not mobile friendly.
5) maybe pivot into one or more software-as-a-service offerings

Want to partner with us or work with us? Sounds good let’s talk!

Delta Systems is a full-service computer consulting company with a suite of in-house development, design, and computer network support talent.
Building online applications and data management systems that are intuitive yet powerful is our specialty.

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