Delta Systems has been named “one of Mid-Missouri’s foremost web design and support firms” by the Columbia Daily Tribune and “a premier providers of computing solutions” by the Columbia Business Times. Our employees enjoy many freedoms and benefits that you’d typically only find in large companies.  We do group code reviews weekly. Our weekly, legendary all-staff meetings are a spectacle.  Pair programming and “focused Fridays” allow us to knock out features, do some spec work, or just put an app together to find and fix issues quickly.   Free lunch-and-learn sessions provide opportunities for ongoing training.

Employment Benefits

  • Flex time (If you like working from 7am to 3pm or noon to 8pm)
  • Health Insurance (80% paid by employer)
  • SIMPLE retirement plan (with corporate matching)
  • Dental / AFLAC -paid by employee (optional)
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid sick leave
  • Paid holidays

Employment Perks

  • Free soda, tea, coffee and occasional lunches.
  • Development environments: Ubuntu, Windows, or Mac, whichever
  • We’ll pay for applicable certification exams – especially PHP and Zend Framework certifications
  • Subscription to O’Reilly Media
  • Enjoy “Virtual Tuesdays”; you can work from anywhere you want with no scheduled meetings
  • Dress is casual – jeans and t-shirts are just fine. When meeting with clients, we expect business appropriate attire and demeanor.

Sound Like an Opportunity You’re Interested in? Check Out Our Job Openings Below:

    There are no active job openings at this time; however, we are always looking for talented people. Please, feel free to send your resume to and we'll be in touch.

Delta Systems is a full-service computer consulting company with a suite of in-house development, design, and computer network support talent.
Building online applications and data management systems that are intuitive yet powerful is our specialty.

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