Front End Developer

Skills We’re Looking For

  1. Experience with modern CSS organization techniques, naming conventions, and frameworks (such as LESS, SASS)
  2. Experience with any frontend framework. (such as React, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Knockout, etc)
  3. Experience developing for WordPress
  4. Experience with mobile/responsive design

Bonus Skills

  1. Experience with any task runner. (such as Grunt, Gulp, Webpack)
  2. Experience with package managers (such as npm, Bower, Composer)
  3. Experience with code quality tools (such as jslint, jshint, jsdoc, QUnit, Mocha)
  4. Experience creating single-page apps using Angular, Ember, or Knockout
  5. Experience creating cross-platform mobile applications via Apache Cordova, PhoneGap, Ionic, or others.
  6. Experience developing for Magento (or other eCommerce platforms), WooCommerce, and PHP frameworks
  7. Knowledge of modern ECMAScript / JavaScript 6

Job Location

Columbia, MO (preferred – relocation stipend available)


Work Environment

Delta Systems is looking for another self-motivated and enthusiastic frontend developer to join our team. You will be responsible for designing and developing websites and user interfaces for web and mobile applications. Strong creative and design sense, ability work efficiently in a team, and ability to communicate directly with the client are key.

The ideal candidate has passion for the web and stays current in modern frontend technologies.

Headquartered in Columbia, Missouri with employees in 6 other states, offers an exciting environment working with modern technologies. As a rapid application development company, we minimize over-engineering and empower you to make decisions and manage tasks.

Typical daily activities

  1. Work alongside developers and other designers while creating next-generation applications for a variety of devices.
  2. Take on challenging new projects which stimulate enthusiasm and personal growth. You and the team select the best tools for each challenge: high availability servers, cross-platform and cross-device development, API integrations, and all that falls in between.
  3. Design, evaluate, update, and maintain complicated database schemas in PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL Server
  4. Influence management and team decisions for project solutions, team organization, and internal processes.


  1. Paid by the hour or salaried (let’s talk about your needs)
  2. Flex time – If you like working from 7am to 3pm, or noon to 8pm, great!
  3. Health Insurance, 80% paid by employer
  4. SIMPLE retirement plan with corporate matching
  5. Dental / AFLAC – paid by employee (optional)
  6. Paid vacation, holiday, sick leave


  1. Free drinks, tea, coffee and occasional lunches.
  2. Your choice of development environment: Linux, Mac, Windows
  3. We’ll pay for applicable certification exams
  4. Corporate subscription to resources like O’Reilly Media, Frontend Masters, Safari Books
  5. Enjoy “Virtual Tuesdays”; you can work from anywhere you want.
  6. Casual dress code – jeans and t-shirts are just fine. When you are meeting with clients we expect business appropriate attire and demeanor.