Web Designer

Delta Systems is looking for a Web Designer to join our team. The ideal candidate will have strong creative and design sense, ability to work efficiently in a team, and ability to communicate directly with the client.

The ideal candidate has a passion for the web and stays current in modern front-end technologies.

The ideal candidate knows that our website sucks and will have ideas on how to improve it.

Job Location

Columbia, MO (relocation stipend available)

Work Environment

Delta Systems is a custom website and web application development company headquartered in Columbia, Missouri with employees in 8 other states. Delta offers an environment working with modern technologies and wicked-smart coworkers. As a rapid application development company, we minimize over-engineering and empower you to make decisions and manage tasks. Do you have a passion for helping companies? Are you skilled in WordPress? Join us!


  1. Paid by the hour or salaried (let’s talk about your needs)
  2. Flex time – If you like working from 7am to 3pm, or 10am to 6pm, great!
  3. Health Insurance, ~80% paid by employer
  4. SIMPLE retirement plan with corporate matching
  5. Dental
  6. Paid vacation, holiday, sick leave
  7. AFLAC


  1. Free drinks, tea, coffee and occasional lunches.
  2. Your choice of development environment: Linux, Mac, Windows – phpStorm, vim, whatever you’re good at
  3. We’ll pay for applicable certification exams
  4. Corporate subscription to resources like O’Reilly Media, Frontend Masters, Safari Books
  5. Enjoy “Virtual Tuesdays”; you can work from anywhere you want.
  6. Casual dress code – jeans and t-shirts are just fine. When you are meeting with clients we expect business appropriate attire and demeanor.

What we look for in you

  1. Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud
  2. Experience with modern CSS organization techniques; displaying competency here is all that’s important, methods might include naming conventions (e.g., BEM, SMACCS,  OOCSS)
  3. Experience with CSS preprocessors and frameworks (e.g., Less, Sass, Compass, PostCSS)
  4. Experience with any front-end framework (e.g., Bootstrap)
  5. Experience with mobile and responsive UI design

Bonus Talents Sought

  1. Experience with JavaScript frameworks (Backbone, Ember, Angular, React, etc.)
  2. Experience with modern workflow tools (Gulp, npm, Composer, Vagrant)
  3. Experience creating cross-platform mobile applications via Apache Cordova, PhoneGap, Ionic, or others.
  4. Experience developing for Magento, WooCommerce, and PHP frameworks

Some additional thoughts

  1. We like to see examples of work. This means chunks of code that you’ve written as well as URLs to sites/systems that were built for school, work, practice, or a charity that you’re involved with.
  2. Include the URL to your personal site or GitHub account. We suggest creating one if you don’t already have one.
  3. We’re going to Google you. Our clients know how to Google people as well. We pride ourselves on professionalism and high ethical standards. We hire those that practice the same. If you do not have a web presence, then we strongly suggest making one. If you intend to work on building the Internet then we expect you to be a part of it and use it well.
  4. Contributions to StackOverflow.com show a willingness to help others and show off skills.
  5. Designers: Having a Dribbble.com account shows that your peers like your graphical skills.
  6. As a suggestion to applicants that are just getting started, working on projects on UpWork.com (formerly eLance/oDesk) or Guru.com or CodeChef.com show you’re anxious to be challenged and want to be paid for the effort. Start there to build up a body of work. When you have some under your belt that can be shared and you can share what you learned, please apply so we can discuss it.
  7. Full stack development spans many technologies: encompassing server administration, backend development, frontend development, and mobile application engineering. The ideal candidate has years of experience in each individual skill set on real world projects. While it’s known that a Jack of All Trades can master few, if none: the position calls for intermediate experience in each skill.
  8. Finally, we like to know how people keep up with changes in technology. All of us continue to learn from outside sources. We will want to know what sites you read, what industry experts you follow, what conferences you’ve been to or watched online, etc.

Since 1986, Delta has been building tracking systems for everything from napkins to insurance policies, from golf courses to hot dog ingredients, from horse ailments to yoga certifications, and from blood donors to paddlefish. Building online applications and data management systems that are intuitive and powerful is our specialty.

Delta Systems has been named “one of Mid-Missouri’s foremost web design and support firms” by the Columbia Daily Tribune and “a premier providers of computing solutions” by the Columbia Business Times.

Our employees enjoy many freedoms and benefits. We do group coding weekly for reviews and single-project focusing to knock out features, do some spec work, or just to put an app together to find and fix issues quickly. Free lunch-and-learn sessions provide opportunities for ongoing training.

Delta Systems employees exemplify professionalism in every aspect of client relations and work.

We’ve helped over 900 companies since 1986, here is a sample client list:

  1. McGraw-Hill Education
  2. Paramount Studios
  3. United Nations
  4. Harvard Business School
  5. Maybelline
  6. Arm & Hammer (part of Church & Dwight [NYSE: CHD])
  7. University of Missouri
  8. University of California
  9. Shelter Insurance
  10. Agents National Title Insurance
  11. Glowforge.com
  12. McAllister Software Systems (part of the Henry Schein Corporation [NASDAQ: HSIC])
  13. Earth’s Best (part of the Hain Celestial Group [NASDAQ: HAIN])
  14. Grafs.com
  15. Missouri State Teachers Association
  16. Several Chambers of Commerce
  17. Several Film Festivals
  18. Dozens of Startups