The new AirPlay Direct website has launched. AirPlay Direct is a free digital file transfer system for the music industry. It allows artists to create profile pages and drive radio programmers to their profile where DJ’s can download broadcast-quality tracks and artist press kit information securely and efficiently. The old model of servicing radio has been shattered.

The AirPlay Direct Platform features:

  • Artist profile pages that display streaming MP3s, photos, videos, and text information – everything they would include in their press kit
  • Digital Press Kits (DPK’s) that artists can send from their profile to radio programmers
  • A music call system where programmers or promoters can receive submitted artist profiles for airplay or gig opportunities
  • Real-time download tracking reports and global radio charts
  • An integrated banner ad system that tracks ad revenue for AirPlay Direct
  • Killer content management and administrator tools

The list of functionality in this platform just goes on and on.

Check out the site at

Kudos to Aleven Creatives and Bottlecap Development.

Delta Systems Group assisted with the technology roadmap, feature specification, alpha testing, and on-going blog updates.

After providing development services and support for several years, Delta Systems has passed the day-to-day development torch on to Bottlecap Development while remaining a minor shareholder in

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