Timmerman's Maintenance TechnologyThis week, Delta Systems launched our first site utilizing the newest features in WordPress 3.0. The lucky recipient was a local Columbia heating & cooling company called Timmerman’s Maintenance Technology.

Tom Timmerman needed a simple site showing his phone number, a list of services, and a few customer testimonials. Delta Systems, working along with local media group Boxcar Films, gave him a fresh and fun design that did exactly that.

Not being overly experienced in web development and content management systems, Tom also wanted to ensure that he would be able to update his services list and insert new testimonials with ease. That’s where the new WordPress custom post type feature came into play.

WordPress 3 Custom Post Types

The backend of Timmerman's website using the new WordPress custom post type feature

Delta Knows WordPress 3.0 Custom-Post Types

Using custom-tailored forms, Tom can now add, change, or remove items from his list of services with 2 clicks of the mouse. And when a customer pays him a compliment, he can just as easily add a testimonial to the page in the same way.   Either way, the output is instantly styled and published to his homepage, making this one of our most user-friendly content management experiences to date.

Check out the site at http://www.TimmermansHVAC.com

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