Delta Systems Group, a web database system development company and provider of corporate PC and network support services, today announced the acquisition of MethTrack, LLC, an online system designed to help pharmacies comply with purchase logging requirements.

MethTrack can be found online at

The acquisition became official on July 1, 2009. MethTrack, LLC is now a wholly-owned division of Delta Systems Group, Inc.  Previously, Delta was a minority shareholder in the partnership.

Steve Powell, President of Delta Systems, was quoted as saying, “We welcome the challenge of continuing to develop and expand the capabilities of such an important system in the fight against meth production and ‘smurfing’.”

After some shortsightedness in the original legislation that allowed almost useless paper recording of pseudoephedrine purchases, Senate Bill 85 was signed into law by Governor Matt Blunt in the summer of 2008 that would implement an electronic database due sometime in 2009. Unfortunately, again, the Bill called for the creation of such a system but did not fund the building or maintenance of said electronic system.

According to a story in the Kansas City Star,  everyone agrees that more needs to be done.  MethTrack will continue to entertain inquiries from other states who want to get a head start on developing a system of their own that talks to other private and public databases. The only way this works is if we’re all using the system and all sharing data. Delta Systems looks forward to working with the Missouri Pharmacy Association, the Missouri Sheriff’s Association, private companies, State governments such as Kansas, Missouri, and any other state that wants to share information between databases to help thwart interstate smurfing activities.

The meth problem is not going away and “The Combat Meth Act was a great law, but there appears to be a bit of a void in keeping track of who goes into retail stores and buys pseudoephedrine.”  MethTrack wants to help close that gap.

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MethTrack can be found online at