Delta Systems is looking for that rare individual that is an experienced Linux Systems Administrator and is also a full stack developer. This position is mainly responsible for installing, configuring, managing, and maintaining numerous cloud based servers for Delta Systems’ internal operations and client accounts. As a Full Stack Application Developer, you have a passion for making great products where form equals function. You should be comfortable working in an open-ended environment where roles are flexible, everything is always changing, and communication is essential. You’ll be part of a small team of designers and developers who love solving hard, complex problems.

The Ideal candidate will have a technical Bachelor’s degree and 2+ years of experience in systems administration and 2+ years of web development.

Job Location

Columbia, MO Headquarters (relocation stipend available)

System Admin Duties will include

  1. Setting up and maintaining Linux servers
  2. Installing and configuring services
  3. Setting up staging and production environments for websites/systems and migrating sites between the two
  4. Configuring DNS records
  5. Managing email accounts
  6. Monitoring servers using things like Collectd, Statsd, Graphite/Carbon, Grafana, Seyren, StatusCake
  7. Responding to and fixing server and website issues
  8. Assisting developers
  9. Developing DevOps-related applications
  10. Fixing/patching/upgrading code, plugins, extensions, and CMSs on existing websites as needed
  11. Automating processes

Required Systems Admin Skills

  1. Experience with infrastructure automation processes (Puppet, Chef, or other) and ability to write custom manifests, facts, and resources
  2. Experience with current virtualization technologies (Vagrant, Docker, etc)
  3. Experience with PHP and BASH (Python and Node are a plus)
  4. Experience with LAMP stack and RHEL/CentOS (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, git, WordPress, Magento, and BIND experience a plus)
  5. Passion for “security first” policies
  6. Ability to set up MySQL (and preferably PostgreSQL) replication
  7. Ability to troubleshoot issues on complex server environments, log tailing, etc
  8. Proficiency with common Linux tools such as rsync, strace, screen, grep, sed, xargs
  9. Experience with Nginx and how to quickly fix the dreaded 503 error
  10. Willingness to be on call for server issues

Bonus SysAdmin Skills

  1. Amazon Web Services experience
  2. Ability to analyze slow queries, and suggest improvements
  3. Proficiency configuring Grafana
  4. Experience with queue/caching technologies (RabbitMQ/ActiveMQ, memcache/varnish)
  5. Familiarity with continuous integration
  6. Familiarity with process control and logging
  7. Experience with Expect, Ruby
  8. Experience with LAPP and LEMP stacks
  9. Experience with PagerDuty, G Suite, Rackspace Email, StatusCake
  10. Ability to estimate server requirements based on site traffic and software platform.
  11. Any relevant certifications like RHEL, RHCSA, etc

Typical daily activities

  1. Work alongside other senior developers while creating next-generation applications for a variety of devices.
  2. Take on challenging new projects which stimulate enthusiasm and personal growth. You and the team select the best tools for each challenge: high availability servers, cross-platform and cross-device development, API integrations, and all that falls in between.
  3. Design, evaluate, update, and maintain complex database schemas in PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL Server
  4. Influence management and team decisions for project solutions, team organization, and internal processes.

Full Stack Developer Skill Requirements

  1. 2 years of solid PHP and MySQL/PostgreSQL
  2. Experience with a MVC framework (Zend Framework, Symfony 2, CodeIgniter)
  3. Working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  4. Capabilities in working with WordPress
  5. The ability to translate business requirements into system design.
  6. Develop solutions based on organizational and users’ needs, strategies, and goals, including recommendations for improvements based on researching and evaluating web software.
  7. Successful track record collaborating with teams and resolving issues that arise
  8. Exceptional debugging skills
  9. Experience with Version Control Systems (preferably git, bitbucket)

Bonus Dev Talents Sought

  1. Experience deploying to a load-balanced environment
  2. Familiarity with Xdebug
  3. Know your way around Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, etc.
  4. eCommerce platform experience (Magento, WooCommerce, etc)
  5. PHP, Zend Framework, and/or other related certifications: If you’re not already certified, be expected to work towards obtaining some sort of certification. We’ll pay for the first test.


  1. Paid by the hour or salaried (let’s talk about your needs)
  2. Flex time – If you like working from 7am to 3pm or 10am to 6pm, great!
  3. Health Insurance, ~85% paid by employer
  4. SIMPLE retirement plan with corporate matching
  5. Dental
  6. Paid vacation, holidays, sick leave
  7. AFLAC


  1. Free drinks, snacks, tea, coffee, and occasional lunches
  2. Our Columbia HQ has a pool table, air hockey, ping pong, darts, game consoles, couches, etc
  3. Convertible Sit/Standing desks and an office with a door (when available)
  4. Pet-friendly environment – if your pet is environment-friendly
  5. Multiple monitors (2,3,4) and your choice of development environment: Linux, Mac, Windows – or bring your own gear
  6. We’ll pay for an applicable certification exam
  7. Corporate subscription to resources like O’Reilly Media, Frontend Masters, Safari Books
  8. Enjoy occasional “Virtual Tuesdays”? you can work from anywhere you want without being disturbed by meetings
  9. Opportunities to work on startups
  10. We like to help the charities of your choice with their technical needs in various ways
  11. Casual dress code – jeans and t-shirts are just fine, but when you are meeting with clients we expect business-appropriate attire and demeanor.