The Show-Me State Games (and the Missouri State Senior Games) came to Delta Systems for a new modern website design and online sports registration system. The SMSG annual state games allow over 32,000 athletes from across the state of Missouri the opportunity to participate in activities of health, fitness, family, and fun. Show-Me State Games also took advantage of Delta’s DoGooder Volunteer Management online system to manage more than 500 volunteers over the course of the Summer Games and Senior Games.

Sports Registration System – The Delta Difference

The Show-Me State Games had been using an antiquated registration system that was showing its age. It was cumbersome for users to register and for the organizers to manage while adding an immense technical burden keeping it current with ever-changing cyber-security standards. It also wasn’t mobile-friendly.

Delta took SMSG’s existing registration workflow and built a brand new, modern, and secure system from the ground up that would create efficiencies in their workflow while providing a more stable and easy to maintain system to securely manage their data.

Show-Me State Games online event registration selection screens

Show-Me State Games online event registration selection screens

Sports Registration System with Mobile-First Design

With the majority of web users now using mobile devices, we started with a mobile-first design. This forced us to keep the registration process simple with short, easy steps. By optimizing the registration process we saw immediate gains in user registration time and overall enrollment.

In addition to registration revamping and deploying a new design, Show-Me State Games also wanted to re-architect how they displayed information for each event and most importantly recognized the generous sponsors that help them make it possible.

To accomplish this task, we added new functionality to manage sponsors on a more granular level across the site while leveraging multiple layout options throughout the site to display them. Using these adaptive layouts we also reconfigured the homepage and news sections that allowed SMSG to easily highlight the features that matter the most throughout the season.

Online Registration Software for Sports Teams, Leagues and Clubs – Powered by WordPress

To accomplish all this, we chose the WordPress content management system as the foundation for the site. With its ease of use and powerful features, it’s no wonder it currently powers 29% of the Internet.

Show-Me State Games online event registration screens

Show-Me State Games online event registration screens

Sports Registration System for State Games

To manage sports registration, Delta’s open source library, Dewdrop, was used to create a custom sports registration system with the ease of use of the WordPress interface.

The event registration system allowed for:

  • Multi-sport registration
  • Registration “cart”
  • Variable pricing for multiple sport registration
  • Customized registration for individual sports
  • Team registration
  • Team roster management
  • Integration with a payment gateway
Show-Me State Games mobile screens website screenshots on mobile devices

Volunteer Management for Sporting Events and State Games

As the largest state games in the nation, Show-Me State Games relies on its outstanding volunteers to make the Games a success. To help manage more than 500 volunteers, SMSG took advantage of our DoGooder Volunteer Management app. DoGooder can also help out charities and non-profits as well as film festivals with their volunteer management needs.

Ridiculously Simple Volunteer Management System for Teams Big & Small

The DoGooder Volunteer Management System is helping connect thousands of volunteers with causes and events they love. If you are a volunteer coordinator (or help choose the volunteer management solution) let’s schedule a time to share stories and see show how DoGooder can help volunteer management be more gooder.

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