Launch a business in 54 hours. It’s a daunting task, but several Delta employees were up to the challenge and took second place and (unofficially) fourth place at this year’s Startup Weekend.

How Startup Weekend works

  1. On Friday night, local entrepreneurs come together and pitch ideas for the next great business or app.
  2. Winning pitches are selected and teams are formed.
  3. Teams work frantically all weekend to develop, pivot and launch their new idea.
  4. On Sunday night, teams present their products to judges who select the winners.

Delta had three staffers give startup pitches and two of them were selected to move forward.

Why wait in line when you can Wait Time Wonder?

Wait Time Wonder

Wait Time Wonder is a way for pizzerias to easily share the current wait time for pies. They’ll send an update to one place and we’ll make sure that info gets everywhere: Their website, the mobile order thingy, Facebook App, Twitter, OpenTable, Yelp, and even to a physical sign in their restaurant.

The team also pivoted to include barber shops, so they can text you when there is no wait.

Wait Time Wonder snagged a Dundie Award for second place!

Book amazing local experiences with JOGO!


The Joy of Going out (JoGo) started out with the idea of making it easy to find and book local, limited engagement events in one place. Want to try out the next great escape room at Breakout CoMo, bake your own Peggy Jean’s Pie, or learn how to mix cocktails at DogMaster Distillers? Less FOMO. More JoGo!

By the end of the weekend, JoGo had a working site with bookable events by participating venues and pulled in $440 worth of transactions.

Startup Weekend trophyStartup Weekend Stats

  • 118 attendees, 53 ideas pitched, 16 teams formed
  • 41 Developers, 8 Designers, 85 Non-Technical Attendees
  • 68 Students, 66 Non Students
  • 17 Sponsors, including Delta Systems

Congratulations to all participants and sponsors for making Startup Weekend a success!