Diamond Pet Foods needed to improve and update the capabilities of their online Taste of the Wild pet food dealer location services. Delta Systems implemented a city lookup as well as a zip code lookup system that will allow website visitors to find stores in which Diamond Pet Foods products are sold.  Simply enter a zip code and how far you are willing to travel. The system will place a series of pushpins on the map. Clicking the pushpin will open a bubble with contact information for that dealer.  The maps are fully integrated with Google Maps and all the zooming, panning, dragging, and other features are available – making it easy to get directions to or from each dealer location.

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Let’s Work Together

Previously the dealer locator only allowed a visitor to click on a State to see a list of all dealers in that state. In some larger states, this meant hundreds of locations were returned. There was no additional filtering allowed.

In the past, Delta Systems built a system to handle customer calls, online data collection, and case management needs pertaining to a couple product recalls.

Delta Systems partnered with Woodruff Sweitzer and Jeremy Fields to meet the online needs of Diamond Pet Foods for many years.