In working with numerous ecommerce clients, Delta Systems has created a plugin and accompanying Google Sheet to perform inventory synch between WooCommerce and Prophet 21.  This inventory synchronization can take place repeatedly throughout the day with minimal assistance from a user.  The WooCommerce Stock Updater WordPress plugin built by Delta Systems shows step-by-step how to update inventory count and update stock status between WooCommerce and Prophet 21.  Prophet 21 (also known as P21) does not have a native way of synchronizing inventory between multiple systems like WooCommerce. This WordPress plugin and Google Sheet solution help make P21 and Woo match up inventory a lot easier.

Let’s Talk about Synchronizing Inventory in WooCommerce and Prophet 21

Automated Inventory Synchronization between WooCommerce and Prophet 21

Delta Systems has devised a way to ease the burden of keeping the inventory count and inventory stock status updated between P21 and Woo. A custom WordPress plugin is to be installed and then Delta Systems grants access to a custom built Google Sheet that does all the heavy lifting. Here are some steps that the system takes


WooCommerce Prophet 21 Inventory match synch update google sheet determine if stock count or stock status changed

  1. Run an inventory report out of WooCommerce and put that information in the first tab in the Google Sheet
  2. Run an inventory export out of Prophet 21 and put that information in the second tab in the the Google Sheet
  3. Let the Google Sheet perform all its calculations
  4. As a bonus, we can detect Products in WooCommerce not found in Prophet 21
  5. As a bonus, we can detect Products in Prophet 21not found in WooCommerce
  6. The Google Sheet then delivers 2 lists back to the user
    1. The verbose list of all product IDs, stock count, stock status for all items
      (inventory was 4 and instock and we detected that both P21 and WooCommerc had the same count and status — but we still include that item in the result set)
    2. Only the CHANGED list of items by product IDs, stock count, stock status
      (inventory was 4 and instock in P21 but WooCommerce showed 0 and out of stock — we only include items that change count and/or stock status in this list)
  7. Using only the CHANGED list of inventory items greatly speeds up the update in WooCommerce

WooCommerce Prophet 21 Inventory match synch update google sheet prophet 21 inventory sku export


Prophet 21 WooCommerce Inventory match synchronize update google sheet tabs

I Need A WordPress Plugin to Connect Prophet 21 to WooCommerce

Inventory Syncing supports WooCommerce Variable Products and Simple Products


Do you have variable products in Woo in addition to Simple products? Not a problem. Our WooCommerce Stock Update WordPress Plugin handles both situations. We’ll need to discuss and review how SKUs are being used. WooCommerce does some interesting things with how the inventory is managed at the product level and at the variable level. But we’ve successfully managed both situations in the past by coupling up a WordPress Plugin and an Inventory Update Template – Prophet 21 to WooCommerce Google Sheet.

Would you Like a Demo of How to Automate Inventory Syncing Between WooCommerce and Prophet 21?

Delta Systems would be happy to show how to synchronize woocommerce inventory with prophet 21 and can even help work to even further automate inventory syncing between Woo and P21 to fit your ecommerce site’s specific needs.  Let’s talk!