Custom-Made Software

We concentrate on what to build in a way that looks towards future expansion. We explain why and how we build things and our professional, seasoned project managers ensure understanding of our process as you system is developed.


Everything from tweaking shrink-wrapped software to powerful online applications can be custom-made for you.


We use a variety of tools to design, build, rebuild, upgrade or port just about anything.


Since 1986, we have built custom software for over 900 companies

What Can Delta Do For You?

Robust Networks

One-stop Shop

We have the solutions to all your local and wide-area networking needs, including:

  • email server configuration
  • file server installation
  • connecting your LAN to the Internet
  • custom network application creation
  • and more!


Let us be your personal tech-support team. Our experts are ready and waiting to tackle all your business’ technological woes.

We’re Certified

Our technicians and developers are certified by Microsoft, Zend, CompTIA and more…

What Can Delta Do For You?

Smart & Stylish Websites

Web Wizards

World-class design augments our powerful, elegant, scaleable, and maintainable websites and applications that solve real problems, save time, and automate complex tasks.

WordPress, PHP, and Zend Framework are among our tools of choice.

We’ve built hundreds of content and membership management systems, data tracking systems, eCommerce solutions, & more.


Delta hosts hundreds of websites and uses custom monitoring and backup systems to ensure everything stays running.

Search Engine Optimization

We help Google love your website. We have examples to prove it.

View our web portfolio

Powerful Databases


We know databases. Whether converting an existing database, or building one from scratch, our developers will work out a custom solution for you.

After your system is in place, we will continue to work with you to ensure that all stays as it should.

We work with

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Access
What Can Delta Do For You?
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Awesome news……Nancy loves it!  I need to make a few revisions with text, change a photo here or there, but overall awe – some.  🙂  Thank you!

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“We were especially impressed with their quick response to our questions and their dedication to reaching every deadline and going LIVE on schedule.”

Debbie LaRue, Director of Marketing - Read More
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You two are A-MAZ-ING-LY-AWE-SOME!

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“Its great to have someone to call on that knows what they are doing!”

Neurology, Inc - Read More
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I love the new (system) build.  It is way cooler and better.  I’m so glad we didn’t outsource this project to India.

Dr. Kevin Keegan
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“Wanted to thank you for all your hard work. The system is great and has been well-received. Look forward to phase II… ;-)”

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Thank you for your prompt reply and upgrade of the website. You are providing quality, professional service and I really appreciate it.

Eric B.
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Ok, NOW I’m really excited. People are going to be blown away.

Jeremy Brown - FestMaker
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Even better!  By the way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new license monitor!!!!   OMG! Makes my day!

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“You all are so great to work with. We do so appreciate all you do for us.”

American Red Cross
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I want to tell you that the website looks great and to thank you for your work in getting it “better.” I think we handed you a mess and I’m impressed with what you were able to do to fix it.

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I was so impressed at how you took time to explain everything to us in such great detail. I understand completely why you have so many people willing to give you positive testimonials…

Betsy Bell - Columbia Home Magazine
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Thanks so much!  We really appreciate all you and Delta Systems do and have done for us.

Sherri Baumeister - Missouri Association of REALTORS
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I am really very pleased with how you have approached this project. You’re a pleasure to work with.

Job Point
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“Thanks for all your help, you have been great to work with! You guys rock!”

Tiger Quarterback Club - Read More
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You see, that’s what I LOVE about Delta Systems folks.  Not only do you “DO” what you do, you also “TEACH”.  Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!!

Tim Rich, Executive Director - Heart of Missouri United Way
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Thanks for your help.  We appreciate the way that you worked with us on this project and I am personally impressed with the way that you have documented the service locations.  I hope to have an opportunity to work together soon.

Wayne Huebert - Huebert Builders
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Steve:  your guys have figured out in a couple weeks what other vendors couldn’t over two years.  Thanks to All!

A happy customer
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I want you to know that we think you REALLY ROCK! You are doing a fantastic job. Thank you!!!!!

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This timely completion of the basic web page would not have been possible without the help and the fast response to questions by Charles.  He was a good fit for working with a non-programmer to convert comments/wants into a very professional looking web page.

Roger Volk - MO Repeater Council
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I LOVE JANET! That’s all.  Just wanted you to know, that everything she knows about Access, I aspire to know.  If she were the Emperor, I would be her Darth Vader. Just sayin. 😉

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It’s up and it looks wonderful!!!!  You all are awesome!!!  Thank you sooooooooo much!!!

Sharon Paulsell - Central Missouri Honor Flight
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Perfect. Thank you very much.  All of you people are awesome.

Josh Oxenhandler - Tofle & Oxenhandler
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Check this one off our list Gentlemen! Thanks for the teamwork and your expertise in the development. We understand and truly appreciate your concern for handling confidential information. We definitely appreciate your high level of attention to detail.

Debbie LaRue - The Callaway Bank
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I must say I am very impressed with the initial concept you have come up with.  I feel it really does do a good job of remaining very neutral yet eye catching.  . . . Thanks so much for the great work.

Jamie Zephyr - TWR Group
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“Delta Systems is an important resource for Columbia ventures seeking to be national players.”

Missouri Innovation Center - Read More
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I wish there was a “like” button on the screenshots. They are excellent! Great ideas.

Ali Hummos - Iconic Health
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Thank you oh great and powerful (Delta). Your super powers worked!
Mike saved the day..we appreciate him coming out on a moment’s notice.

Lori Atkins - Century 21 Advantage
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I know we keep saying this, but we really appreciate your help this year. You’re making all our lives much less stressful.

Jeremy Brown - True/False Film Fest 2011
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The xml generator worked like a charm. It was kind of magical to watch this thing come to life when we dropped our data in the folder. You helped us out
a great deal and I just wanted to say thanks once again.

Chris Canipe - Columbia Missourian
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Jason is a rock star! WOW! He fixed BOTH my computers in about 40 minutes! Yippee!

Elaine Powell - The Heritage Lady
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Huge props to the @truefalse box office team and @DeltaSystems for absolutely knocking ticket reservations out of the park #proud

David Wilson - True/False Film Fest
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The web forms look awesome as well, all in all it is exciting to see it, can’t wait to go live so our members know what is going on!! Thanks for your help Delta Systems Group – you’re the greatest !!!

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“Sweet! You’re handier than a pocket on a shirt! :-)”

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You guys did a tremendous job. The site is awesome! Now we just need to start getting some business from it and I’ll be even happier 🙂

Perry Mann - 1-1 Email
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“It works!!!! You have saved the day and acheived super hero status in my book!”

District Director of Congressman Hulshof's Office - Read More
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Wow, thanks so much for helping us.  You can’t see me, but I’m dancing around my office.

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“We were especially impressed with their quick response to our questions and their dedication to reaching every deadline and going LIVE on schedule.”

Debbie LaRue, Director of Marketing - Read More
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“We would not be here if it wasn’t for you guys!”

Agents National Title Insurance - Read Post
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I probably don’t tell you THANK YOU enough for all you do for me! You are a great friend and an awesome associate.

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“If I haven’t told you lately, you guys rock! Thanks!!”

Columbia Chamber of Commerc - Read More
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Thanks so much! . . . I have a feeling I will be singing your praises for the next few months!!! 🙂

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You are the best!! I saw the [updates] this a.m. How do I ever thank you enough???!!?!?!  Surprise coming your way next week……….. xoxo

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We presented the tutorial today. David, you made us proud. Very well worded and neatly designed. Thank you.

Ali Hummos - Iconic Health
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The new website looks amazing! We are getting a lot of nice comments about it.

Colleen McGirl - Secretary to the Superintendent - Eldon School District
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…needless to say, we think Al Marklin walks on water.  We are so grateful for his prompt and thorough troubleshooting and adjustments to our … system

Susan Lutton - MMLS
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Speaking for the entire MRC organization, Don and I want to thank you for all your work to make our transition from a hard to use system to a very efficient on-line application.

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I am so excited about this you don’t even know! You just saved me like 12 hours of work.

Natalie, Vice President, Member Relations - St. Joseph Area Chamber of Commerce
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System reception by the agency staff has been great; they find it easy to use, locate items, check on orders, etc.

Brian Fick - Shelter Insurance
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“Are your ears burning….my boss is praising you to the skies!”

Regform -
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This is EXACTLY what I envisioned.  Thanks so much for getting this done so quickly.

Chris H.
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Delta Systems is the digital backbone of the True/False Film Festival. Ticket reservations went as smooth as silk.

David Wilson, Co-Founder - True/False Film Fest 2013
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Just a quick note to let you know how much we ALL like the PO System you did for us. I have used it quite a bit and it is SLICK!!!! It was just what the Doctor ordered.

Bob Irish
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“…one of Mid-Missouri’s foremost Web design and tech support firms…”

Columbia Daily Tribune - Read More
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“Delta Systems is one of the area’s premier providers of computing solutions.”

Columbia Business Times - Read More
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You and your team got right on the problem and resolved it in minutes. This just confirms our decision to partner with Delta! Thanks to everyone.

Debbie L.
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You’ve done an impressive job diving right in this week, resolving everything placed in front of you. Thanks!

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Working with the Delta Systems people was AMAZING! Charles, you kick butt!

Alisha Moreland - Columbia Business Times
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From Paul: “Very exciting, this is a nice morning surprise.” From Jeremy: “Nice work everyone. It looks smashing.” From Tracy: “LOVE IT :)”

True/False Crew - T/F Film Festival 2013
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“Hope you feel as good as we do about your work and how much you have helped make [the project] possible.

MO Dept of Elem. and Secondary Ed.
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Thank you for your prompt reply and upgrade of the website. You are providing quality, professional service and I really appreciate it.  

Eric Bader
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BIG THANKS AND KUDOS to you, Robin & Clint! You guys have been amazing! I really appreciate all your help and support.

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“Once again – we’re very happy with another employee! Being able to get on your computer and access your files – priceless.”

XVIII Truck Washes - XVIII Truck Washes
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So happy… I’m ecstatic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>>>>>> #@%@# (*&@#($* ######### !!!!!!!!!!!!

Beau Aero - GME Supply
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Thanks for your quick response today with our website issue!  I know we can always count on Delta Systems when there is a problem.  I really appreciate everything you guys are doing.

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You’re a wizard. Thanks for your efficiency — it seriously makes my day.

Carie Yonekawa - We Know The Future
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Jason, thank you for taking care of our problems.  You work wonders!

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“You’re a Lifesaver!”

Sandy S.
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This has been a very helpful process for me. I think this is the best solution when considering all of the criteria. Thanks for all your support. I look forward to all the crazy enhancements we’ll make to [the system].

Tony Marrero -
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The program is working well. Thank you for your assistance and wonderful program

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Like the banner! Like the design! Everything looks great.

Matt Davis - Superintendent - Eldon School District
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Thank you for all of your hard work, flexibility, and professionalism. You have been and continue to be a great asset to the project.

Dept of Vocational Rehabilitation
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I am thankful for the servers you are providing to us that appear to have been rock solid since we have migrated over. It’s amazing what difference a server can make! Thanks again

Chris Walters - The Crossing
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“Nice work and excellent response. That is why I love working with you.”

David Townsend
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I’ve never worked with a “computer guy” who is as on-task as he is and is as “user-friendly!” Thanks for helping us out.

Central MO Food Bank
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Delta systems is on top of their game. Working with Steve and his staff is a pleasure. Great communication, attention to detail, relaxed professionals, and most importantly deliverables on time.

Kevin Meyer - 3M - PI&CS Engineering
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“Delta Systems is one of the area’s premier providers of computing solutions.”

Columbia Business Times - Read More
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You make me very happy, Steve! Very, very happy!!!   Thanks so much. You guys are awesome and have made me change my plans to pull my hair out this weekend. 🙂

Lauren Jackson - Express Academic Services
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“Everybody is very impressed with the site. . . .You guys did a great job.” - Read More
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You are my hero!!! [client] is happily editing right now in the admin panel. . . . Thank you SO MUCH for your hard work on this. I know it wasn’t easy.

Lauren Jackson - Express Academic Services
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“Very quick responses and constant heads-up on when we’ll receive deliverables was crucial on this one…and he’s been nailing it.”

Aleven Creatives - Read More
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Thank you again! We heard nothing but rave reviews on the training and content and the presentation of the material!

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